Love Addiction: “The Love Trap”

The Love Trap offers the opportunity vicariously to experience what love addiction is really like.

Seeing through the eyes of a self-confessed love addict will give you the chance to identify your own cycle of love addictive relating. Group therapy thrives and succeeds on vicarious experience and this book can offer something very similar – an important first step towards therapeutic recovery from what is a most destructive addiction.

The book shows too how important confused, unspoken messages from family and the past can be in influencing your behaviour and how terribly difficult it can be to carry this burden. With dedicated commitment to recovery, The Love Trap will enable self-discovery and offer insight and help if you are experiencing difficulties with your relationships.

Through her personal story, Annie Bennett will show you how to start making your own healthy choices and how to protect yourself against walking into yet another ‘set up’ for failure. You don’t have to keep repeating your past mistakes.